Real Estate Law

Just about every field of law touches on real estate.  This includes real estate transactions, estate plans, splitting up property in a divorce, preserving property rights in bankruptcy, and enforcing property owner rights in litigation and criminal enforcement.

Because real estate is an important and complicated area of your life, you should consult an attorney to draft or review any document that pertains to real estate including:

Purchase agreements
Construction contracts
Claims on a hazard insurance policy

Seeing an attorney before you sign important documents can help you avoid trouble down the line. Generally, it is much more expensive and complicated to fix a problem once the documents are signed, and the terms are fixed.

Property owners often must deal with many troubling issues, from disputes with the zoning authorities, to disputes with their neighbors. An attorney can help clarify your legal rights and work to preserve the rights you do have. Most rights a property owner has are limited by various time limits, and once the time has passed, the limit expires. This is why you should consult an attorney when the issue first arises and not wait for it to resolve itself.